Personal Viral Campaign System

Use the 369 Financial Transformation to create personalized videos to attract prospects from all over the country.


How Does It Work?

Use step by step worksheets, created by Brian Beane, to create ten 2-3 minute videos. Your PVCS will then alert you via Text Message as your prospect gets closer to joining your organization.


There's more...

Drive Traffic To Your Page

Use Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and other social media platforms to drive prospects to your capture page. Your system will then send autoresponders (provided for you) to your prospects for the next 10 days.

Educate and Duplicate

Download you worksheets, fill in the blanks, set up your camera...and TEACH! Allow your prospects to contact you and allow the system to keep you notified.

Personal Viral Campaign System


$29.99 per month

Send prospects texts and emails

Track all prospect activity

Run marketing campaigns 24/7



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